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PowerBook 1xx Power Adapter Repair (APS-20E)

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I just repaired (recapped and cleaned the PCB) a PowerBook 170 Power Adapter M5140Z (APS-20E).


Needed all of the brown ELNA capacitor replaced. 47uF 50V, 82uF 16V, 180uF 16V and 1200uF 16V were all leaking in the bottom. I was lucky as the corrosion around the caps was still minimal, so I didn't need to repair any traces.


I replaced them with 100uF 16V and 220uF 16V Polymer capacitors and the 1200uF 16V with a Rubycon ZL series (Low ESR) one. For the 47uF 50V I just used off the shelf normal cap.

Few other caps were fine, so I left them in.


PCB was cleaned with multipurpose degreaser/cleaner and plain water. I left it 3 days to dry up in the sun.


Main problem was to get it open properly. I was compressing it with two F-clamps while spraying the seam with a brake cleaner to make the plastic a bit softer.

Slowly, I got it to open without any damage.


Last thing was to adjust the voltage, as it was outputting 7.9V, I corrected it to 7.65V and to glue it back.


First two images are before recap and last two after.





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