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Techworks network card drivers for SE/30

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Hi all,


long time lurker, first time poster!


I recently made my first jump into classic gear with an SE/30 from eBay.  Bundled in the box was a Techworks network card, pictured below.


Unfortunately, the driver disks were not available, and any search online only seems to give me a post on this forum with a suggestion to use Asante drivers, but I got no luck from that, (



Info on this card seems sparse; anyone seen one before?  Even better, has anyone happened across the driver disk?


Hopefully I can get this up and going; I have some interesting plans for my little Mac if I can get it on the network :).





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It should work with the standard driver that comes with the system software.

The card has to in the machine while the system software is installed otherwise the drivers won’t be installed.

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