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How bad is the damage?

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Have a Classic I recently acquired.  It will chime 1 out of every handful of times you attempt to power it on, otherwise it just acted like it had no power.  When it did boot the video would cut out intermittently but ultimately I would get a solid picture and it would blink the ? disk.   Opened it up and found the carnage below.  Is this worth a repair attempt?  Aside from the chassis damage, looks like just a few components were damaged that could be replaced, D1, D2, C70.  Might as well recap while I'm in there.  No visible damage on the analog board.  Since it did boot, I'm hopeful that component replacement will yield positive results, however, this would be my first major repair like this on a Mac and I'm looking for opinions from those who have more experience with these repairs to chime in.  Is the damage bad enough to scrap the board or would a repair work?  Also, that leak from the CRT, what is that??


Thanks all.










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Honestly? Not that bad, classic 1 boards are the only boards I've ever been able to fully resurrect. You need to disorder the battery holder and clean the junk. The other part of this, is that almost every Classic 1 has the Maxell Bomb. It seems that 1991 was the worst year for leaking Maxell batteries, and since most classic 1s were made in 1991 this is a real problem.

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Totally fixable.

Looks like it wasn’t sitting too long with the gunk doing its thing at eating away on the board.


Lets hope the RTC chip is still good, getting replacements for those is an issue and requires another Mac as donor.

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