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Macintosh SE FDHD Recapping and Restoration?

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Hi guys, I'm new hear, I've just picked recently a pretty clean Macintosh SE FDHD. I'm looking at doing a recap as a preventative measure for the analog board for now. Everything currently functioned before I took it apart for cleaning, and I see no signs of leakage or bulging caps. So far I have the following on order:


-Caps for the analog board

-Replacement fan 12VDC, 16 CFM

-Battery Holder and Battery


I've heard both sides that it's not necessary to replace caps until something goes wrong or it's a good idea as a preventative measure. Thoughts?


Is there a list of caps for the logic board? I haven't been able to find one yet.

I have the Sony PSU, should I recap it as well? if so is there a list of caps for it?


Sorry if these questions have been asked, but I am new to classic Macintosh computers and I'm unsure what is recommended as I've seen things all over the place and a lot of things for just the SE30.


Thanks in advance for any help provided.


Picture attached is my machine.

Macintosh SE FDHD.jpg

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Congrats on the SE FDHD! I have one as well - it's the best compact Mac that I own. Agreed on comments about the logic board... typically no recap needed there.


Not sure if this helps or not, but here's my spreadsheet of analog board caps. It's a bit disorganized and not 100 percent verified (I haven't touched the spreadsheet in awhile now, and I don't remember what the exact outcome of my last recap was).



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