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Hacked/bastardized Apple Studio 17" flat panel

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While I was browsing some old photo of my hardware "collection" I stumbled upon some pictures of this little hack that I made some years ago and thought to post here just for fun.
Well the thing started with an ADC only Apple Studio 17" flat panel display with a broken panel and a Samsung SyncMaster 173P in a very rough shape, with broken plastic and missing it's base but still working.
I didn't have any intention of repairing the SyncMaster and had no use for an ADC only monitor, but an Apple Studio with VGA and DVI sounded like a fun idea so I basically transplanted the gut from the SyncMaster into the Apple Studio case, not a very difficult job, the panel and the pcb fitted very well inside the studio display, the samsung only had one button for the power switch (all the control, brightness, contrast, etc is done via software) that I made to work with the original soft touch switch of the studio display.
In the end the monitor looked good and worked as intended, I've never had time to fix the input port in a better way (always had it dangling in the back), I used it as a secondary monitor for quite some time but now it's retired and stashed somewhere in the house.

Here's some of the picture:










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Love it, thanks for the great eight frame howto! :approve: I've got one of those displays and a bought as new. very low hour HP 17" display in wait.


Is there enough cubic available under that fat trunk for a nice slice of Pi and a scoop of vanilla whatever?

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MicroATX + FatBack + PCI/whatever + SlotLoader BD with a matching Cinema Display for the second screen? But I digress  .  .  .


@ipv7net absolutely fabulous as is, especially as you repurposed two borked displays for reuse as one some years ago. Bravo! :approve:

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I very seriously considered doing the same thing! Very cool! (I have a hackintosh in a G4 MDD case so I opted to put an ADC adapter inside the tower case instead, if I can figure out how to run the wires without borking the data signals with EMI).


How did you get the soft switch to work? Did the Samsung monitor require any modification at all to fit?

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