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Board repair recommendations

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I managed to lift three traces while removing a single ram chip on a 128K logic board. I know, I'm a terrible person.


Do any of you have recommendations for someone who can repair logic boards, ideally in the San Francisco Bay Area?



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Did you lift a pad or lift a trace? Lifting a pad is generally pretty easy to get around. You can scrape a little of the solder mask off the trace (carefully) and bend the lead over to solder onto that, run a small piece of wire from trace to component lead (if it can't bend) or just run a wire to bypass the trace\pad entirely. 


If you lifted an entire trace, that's a little more difficult and kind of an achievement on its own. In either case, try adding some liquid flux to the joints, adding new solder, adding a little more flux then using a vacuum desoldering gun to clean everything up. Once I got that done, I lift a lot less pads.


There're plenty of people in they bay area give or take (myself included) but man, I only trust myself to repair my own stuff, don't think my skills are up for other people's stuff. 



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That's quite a few traces for one chip, you might want to rethink your method :) but don't worry, it's not the end of the world.


If it were me, I'd run a bodge wire to the nearest pad or via in the trace. Johnnya actually has a IIfx that I fixed that way :)

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