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    • Good news! The 8MB SIMM works!   Thanks to all of the testers for their diligent work on the 2 MB SIMM! @JDW uncovered a significant defect in the 2 MB SIMM which is possibly the reason it didn’t work in his SE/30. Fortunately the 8 MB SIMM doesn’t have this issue, so hopefully that will fix the incompatibility with his machine.   So 8 MB SIMMs are going out to testers soon!   If the 8 MB SIMM testing goes better than the 2 MB testing (which went okay from a software perspective, but there were too many mechanical issues in SE/30s), we will be able to finalize the disk images and the release plan.   One question about MacsBug—I included MacsBug 6.6.3 in the 7.5 MB ROM disk with System 7.1. MacsBug loaded fine in my brief testing when booting from ROM, but when I enabled the RAM disk, MacsBug wouldn’t load. The error was something along the lines of “can’t allocate enough memory below BufPtr.” I was running on a IIsi with 17 MB RAM in 32-bit addressing mode. The ROM disk driver allocates a 7.5 MB buffer in high memory, and the traditional minimum value of BufPtr is like 1/2 of the memory size. I would think there would be another megabyte available below BufPtr, less anything else allocated in high memory. So does MacsBug 6.6.3 make a ~1 meg allocation in high memory at boot?   I’ll investigate the issue a little more later, but hopefully someone knows something about the memory requirements of MacsBug that’ll explain it. Right now I’ve packaged up all the 8MB SIMMs we have in preparation to send ‘em to testers, so I don’t have one to play with in a system with more RAM like my SE/30 or IIci.
    • Is there a universal symbol for NO MAXELL for the silk screen layer?     edit: on a serious note, really diggin' the progress you're making on this!
    • Just want to verify that someone else got this working...First try didnt work...anyone there that has done it...any configuration changes to get it working on the scsi2sd tools.
    • I’ve got a game pad from back when somewhere. It was fun to use when I was a kid for sure. I hope yours is just as good for you!   I also didn’t know TetrisMax would run on an SE/30!
    • It seems the only topics on this subforum are repairs. Don't get me wrong, I've posted a query or ten here myself. But I thought I would post something different tonight.   I bought a Gravis Gamepad to use with my SE/30, and have spent the past few nights playing a few games with it. It took me more than a few attempts to get it working, but it was nothing that could have been prevented if I had read the instructions.   TetrisMax is much more fun with the controller, as is Glypha. Some of the games aren't quite right though. An example is Wolves in the Wind. I cannot get the guy to jump left or right, only straight up. I have to use the keyboard command while using the direction on the controller. I've only recently started playing that game, so there may be other things  and/or solutions too. Mouse Stampede is a lot more fun with the controller than using the mouse too.   One thing I am planning on doing soon is going through the game files that the control panel uses and move the ones that won't run on the SE/30 into another folder so they won't show up. I think it installed 120+ files, and if I had to guess, half of them are for color only games. That will make getting the right profile for the controller a bit easier. I am also planning on renaming a few of the games files I use frequently to something that will make them show up at the top of the list.   It's been a fun few nights in the basement playing these old games on this old machine.   J White