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PowerBook G4 TiBook - screen bezel

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I need to replace the front screen surround bezel (that goes around the LCD) as its damaged and I've located a new one.


How hard is it to replace it?


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IMHO, it's pretty awful. The screen assembly is largely held together with glue, which combined with the tinfoil like construction of the shell makes it really hard to get apart without destroying parts.


That said there are videos out there that might help you, and there used to be a member here that was apparently quite proficient at it, so it is "possible". But it's definitely fair to say it's not easy.

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Yeah. I never actually took apart my Ti's screen housing, but I did seriously investigate it when researching whether I was up for DIY-ing a screen hinge repair. TL;DR, I ended up having it professionally done, and even the pro left plenty of evidence that the machine had been taken apart. Definitely not worth doing for a "cosmetic" problem.

There is an important rule of thumb to remember if you do ever take the housing apart: if your laptop has the original Apple hinges replace them while you have it apart, preferably with one of the improved third party replacements if you can still find them, even if they seem okay *now*. They *will* fail eventually.

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