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Recapped my 840av

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I finally got around to recapping (the logic board of) my 840av today. It had been washed years ago in a dishwasher cycle, so I wasn’t especially paranoid about losing traces etc., but it had ceased to function and needed further TLC. Washing years ago did some good, because it then worked for some years, but then it gave up booting again.


Truth be told, there was fresh capacitor leakage in one or two places, and there was a fair amount of dried crud under many of those 47μF caps.... I’m glad I did the machine at last. 


Small  clearances for the soldering iron are a problem for working on the 840av, but much of the space limitation can be gotten around by cutting off the old caps where needed with pliers, which allows getting in with the iron once everything is removed. I also find it easier to solder in the new tantaliums than it is to remove the old electrolytics, for some reason, so space on reassembly is less of a problem, in my experience. That may be because I use one of those syringes with solder rather than wire. 


Anyway, the job is done now and it works great. Nice to see the old gal in action again.


On the whole, my 840av plastics haven’t gone brittle, by the way, nor has the machine yellowed. The only plastics lost in the entire machine is the little set of clips that hold down nubus cards at the rear. Everything else seems to be holding up pretty good.

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