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SE/30: Micron Xceed Video Card, DB-15 to VGA

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You're right, JDW. It's a problem that has no good solution. You need contact on both sides, so shifting to one side or the other, like with a shim or a rubber band is not a solution. A shim on each side leaves you in the same position you're in now, poor contact on either or both sides due to the board not being thick enough.


I think solder could work, you would just need to add solder, then subtract from it by removing very small layers, until you are within that tolerance range. It's a time consuming solution, but I honestly can't think of anything else. It's a nasty situation.

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I would get some kind of adhesive strip -- even a mailing label cut to a narrow strip, and put that across one side of the pins.


That should add thickness, be more uniform, and it is easily reversible, if it does not work.


Later edit:   It occurs to me that a problem with the above idea may be that the strip might deform over time and pins press into it until it is no longer providing a spacing function.

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I tried both ways and it just does seem to work better with solder only on the backside (actually tried solder on the front side first as well for the same reasons you stated earlier but I was wrong, it made things worse)


I guess it’s better to have the front side pushed evenly against the spring contacts because those are the main contacts.

The solder on the back more or less acts as a spacer to push it towards the contacts. You probably could stick something in there as well (I actually tried thick tape on the back of the whole SIMM and it did work ok-ish)

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