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    • Some results of the Pismo sorting session: 5 CPUs but only 2 are ok. All of them boot but all 500MHz models do not have sound and seem to be unstable. The faulty 400Mhz has distorted sound and crashes. I guess there isn't anything I could do with them? 3 nice working screens with good inverters. 2-3 good logic board + power&sound card combos. I wish I could get one of the 500MHz CPUs working but I have no clue what to do with them.
    • Thank you, I wish I could just find a cache upgrade and just get rid of the PCC card. Maybe I can find someone that has something at a reasonable price that I can sell my PPC card and pick it up  
    • Wow, great information from the replies everyone. I'm a hardcore Mac guy these days, but I was straight PC in the dos and early Windows days (was all we could afford really). So I learned a ton from what you guys have said  Thank you for all the help. You guys are a wealth of knowledge. 
    • Great! Thank you for the help. I'm going to order the parts and boards today for the 1.5 version. I suspect I'll end up with extras, although I need more than one (for other projects).   My machine's floppy drive literally lost its magic smoke today so I'm really with no way to boot my Mac.    I just cloned the repo and I'll see what I can figure out while waiting for access for to the hardware.
    • Quite happy with the results, I kept the cover off to compare. Used 64oz of 3% peroxide, few table spoons of oxy, in a clear plastic storage bin, with a few landscaping  rocks to take up volume inside and the rest filled with water. No streaking at - the slight variation on the picture is just water I wiped away before taking the pic.   Front, keyboard, and back panel are in waiting for the sun tomorrow.