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Flea Market Mac IIsi and Mac II(fx)!

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Decided to hit up the flea market today and I suppose it paid off. Managed to pick up a Mac IIsi for $20 and a Mac II with a IIfx upgrade board for $40. 


I'll start with the IIfx since it's the more interesting of the machine. This machine started life back in 1988 as a plain Macintosh II.





Around 1993 or so it was upgraded though, this time to a Macintosh IIfx.



None of the expansions are particularly exciting. Toby video card, Asante 10 Mb ethernet.



Got a whole 16 megs ram. Nothing insane, but better than 4 MB or so you'd get stock.



I never realized a IIfx ROM SIMM was an off the shelf thing, funky.



Got me a 250 meg Quantum hard drive. Not original drive for sure, but hey, it's still working. I give it a week.



And finally, it works! Full 40 MHz 68040 and 68882.



Next let's move onto the IIsi...


This one's not as fun. It's just a plain Mac IIsi. It's in reasonably good nick though, a little yellowed but no scratches\gouges\cracks in the case.





You may notice that network card. Asante Maccon 30ie. This is one that should work in an SE/30 no problem. More than worth the $20 I paid for the machine.



16 megs ram. Not bad. Has the GALs for...oh man, I forget which Mac needed the ram with the GALs to use 4 meg sticks.



170 meg hard drive. Not original for sure, but still working. Sounds...like a Quantum, I give it about  4 days less life than the IIfx's drive.



Believe it or not, it works! The thing really really badly needs a recap. I shut it off after a couple minutes, started to smell those caps.





Overall, not upset for $60. The network card alone in the IIsi is worth that. Throw in these with the $40 Nikon 50 f/1.8G and, $10 Manfrotto 3221 and a $5 Apple 60W USB C brick and I came out pretty good today.


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Rather amazing they both still work.

Someone spent thousands and thousands on the FX.

The ram alone probably cost more than a grand back then!

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Went ahead and recapped the IIsi logic board today and it's back alive and kicking. I dind't recap the PSU but that's going to be something the next owner does. Not going to be keeping it, really no need to when I have a IIfx and a IIcx both sitting here.


Just gotta clean up the flux residue and it's ready for the next owner.


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That's a mod I did myself. The capacity of a CR2032 is a bit less than a 3.6V 1/2 AA battery but they're also available for $0.26/ea rather than $5/ea. Plus they're a bit less prone to leaking, not completely immune but I've run across maybe 3 leaking CR2032s vs a bunch of 3.6V 1/2 AAs. I've got the same thing going on in a Mac SE and it's holding the date\time fine a year and a half later so far, haven't checked battery voltage though.


Replaced the caps on the IIfx and did the same on it, but with different holders. These ones fit in perfectly in the place of the factory holder and the solder tabs line up 100% perfectly with the factory solder holes. I just blobbed some solder into the hole then heated the tab to get 'em in place.



Also went ahead and threw in a different video card while I was at it. I'm sorry Toby, you're just not a good match for the system. A Supermac Spectrum/8 Series III is more like it. 1024x768 256 color rather than 640x480 256 color. Toby now lives in the Macintosh IIcx where the Supermac card used to live.


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Very nice.  If you have a chance, would you please share the part number/source for those coin battery holders that are a perfect fit replacement for the 1/2AA?   That's a nice mod.

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