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    • Hello!   My next project is a Color Classic restore and likely 640x480 mod. Thread to document the restore and share anything I find on the way! This is my first color classic (first color 68k too!)  - having to do a lot of reading/learning about it. Overall it's in good condition for it's age:   The motherboard looks in good shape, though the caps near the ADB port have leaked, likely causing the soft power not to work. I tested continuity from Y1 as that seems to be a common problem, tested OK. (Dont worry, that battery is new, and just to test if that was the issue with no soft power)   Second thing I noticed was a lot of white "crud" near the ROM chips:   Once my new bottle of 99% IPA comes I'll remove, clean and re-seat the ROM chips.   Ordered a set of caps from Console5 that should be here soon (along with a few other sets for my SE analog boards)   Next steps: Clean, recap, see if it boots!   I picked it up from the Trading Post
    • Ahh ok very cool.  I definitely want a parts kit too when available.  Thanks for all the hard work to keep these old beasts alive! 
    • I'd love to test too - MN, USA. Just recapped my SE/30 and would be fun to test out.
    • I'd be happy to do some testing for you! I have a restored SE/30 that I could test things out with. I'm located in Pennsylvania if you are interested.
    • The TS100 is a good choice for a upgrade from a ordinary iron if you don't want to pay for something like a FX-951 (It has a integrated tip+element like the 951)   I love my FX-951, but at more than £200 for the station then £15ish for the tips I tend to only use it where it is really required (generally just modern logicboards) and use my TS100 or old style Antex iron for anything else