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PowerBook 2400c with goodies

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I bought this lot because it included very uncommon accessories: the fabled Yu-Plan keyboards. Years ago I heard tell of a green variant of this keyboard but almost never see reference to it anywhere, let alone one available for sale, even though they're US-standard layout. Mine are not green, but apparently there were at least two options available: a black version and a clear version. The computer itself is in excellent shape (and has been upgraded to a 320MHz G3 and 112MB of RAM) and has the black one installed, leaving a clear one for me to install on a different machine. 


Also included were two extra displays and the guts of another mostly stock 2400c/180 (no idea where the rest of it went), two floppy drives, a few non-Apple accessories, and the PowerBook 2400c Perfect Guide, a Japanese book detailing the development history of the 2400 series and cataloging all of the accessories and popular modifications available for it.

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Pictures! The installed one is difficult to discern from the stock keyboard at first, but you'll quickly notice that it has two Cmd keys instead of just the one, a shorter space bar, and some of the other keys have a slightly different shape to the original keyboard. In use, the Caps Lock LED is a bright blue instead of the standard green.


The clear one is with its original box. I have the original box for the black one as well which currently houses the stock JIS and also a US-model keyboard.



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