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Macintosh Plus won't boot from rare HDD

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On March 13, 2019 at 4:48 AM, LaPorta said:

The volume/partition map and/or drivers on the disk itself could be corrupted.

Most likely it's the device driver on the disk that is incompatible with the SCSI Manager in the Macintosh Plus. I don't believe that this hard drive was ever used with a Macintosh computer. It's not designed like a Macintosh SCSI peripheral.

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It probably could be made to work with the Mac Plus. I think it needs to have the device driver updated. There are a couple of formatting utilities that can do this job.

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The lack of proper driver still doesn't explain the bars when just the cable itself is attached. But I also don't think the cable is the issue, especially since it worked on the other Mac. I just don't know if the lack of termination even with only an open cable plugged in could cause that or not? The Plus can be more picky than later systems about SCSI termination. (EDIT: Actually, was it still plugged into the turned off drive? I might have misread that)


Regarding the cable, many computer systems used the same 25-pin connector for SCSI as Apple did, and there are also many peripherals didn't use the 50 pin Centronics. The SCSI Zip drive comes to mind, as it also had a DB25 connector and passthrough. I don't have any Apple SCSI cables but I have dozens of generics, DB25 to Centronics, DB25 to DB25, DB25 to HD50, Centronics to HD50... they all work just fine on Macs ranging from the Plus to G3, Amigas, PCs, and Suns. As long as the bus is terminated properly, anyway.


Heck, I'm pretty sure I was using a Belkin RS232 serial cable when I used the ZIP drive to boot a system up last week.

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