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TiBook - bottom casing coming off

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Hello all, 

Just purchased an 1ghz a1025 TiBook cheap because it had a “fault” which was the bottom casing coming off. Otherwise its 100% working.

Ive revealed that the plastic holders that holds it in has became separated from the aliumium body as the glue has failed.


What type of glue would you use to re-apply the bottom classics between the plastic frame and aliumium?



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The mechanic in me would say JB Weld. Not conductive, doesn't expand while curing, and bonds just about everything to everything.


It's not strictly speaking authentic, but if I don't see it, I don't care what's holding it together.


If you're going that direction, I'd also scuff up the mating surfaces, just to be safe.


Edit: JB Weld has the added benefit of being able to moderately clean up what you're working with before it cures. As long as you don't glob on mounds of it anyway.

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I would use JB Weld brand clear epoxy. I have had bad experiences with JB Weld never fully curing. Epoxy is idiot proof and just works. And it's faster curing. Used it on my Powerbook hinges which are holding up fine.

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