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Need some quick opinions on this 160 LCD.

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Got a few things recapped by a member here. Everything was well packed. Got an SE/30 PSU with a smashed in power switch, broken 160 LCD, and a working inverter back today :( (Courtesy of USPS).


Whats going on with this LCD? Is this a cap related issue or is this damaged from USPS? Three of the four corners were chipped and cracked but tested fine and this does not appear to be an issue related to that.


What is so bad between me and getting powerbook screens recapped? Gonna have to try doing this myself next time.


Appears to be something up for sure with that bottom ribbon cable, but it does not appear to be "bad". Mouse cursor moves fine, menus pop up. Any windows are drawn weirdly and extend off the screen. Screen "shimmers" or jitters. Tapping or shaking does nothing. I have reseated LCD cable and logic board cable a few times. Sound works and desktop appears which tells me this is a screen issue.







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Ok folks, dug out my spare supposedly broken 160 LCD. Surprisingly has very good video for being uncapped. There seems to be scanlines moving horizontally and there is that black bar at the top. Is it worth my time to fix, or should I send this 160 to the parts bin? Keep in mind these are ORIGINAL caps.





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I have found the issue. The ribbon cables are delaminating/unsticking. Is there a solution to fixing this? Pressing on the frame in affected areas makes lines appear.


Might actually be the cable IC itself? The cable itself appears to be sticking to the glass fine. Is it repairable? I have a spare donor 160 LCD on hand.




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you could try getting a hot bar tip for your soldering iron, and reheating the ribbon back down. 


They are welded with a material to the glass. this can deteriorate or peel away if it wasnt a good "weld" to begin with. a hot bar will take care of that. But, be careful!


In the factory a bead gets laid down by a machine, and then it gets hit with an ultrasonic transducer press and it welds everything together. 

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It is the IC itself, so I am going to skip trying to repair it. Its for sale with a bunch of other Powerbook stuff.


Thanks Techknight for chiming it.

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