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    • Thanks TweedyF, for taking the time to curate and post these time capsules.
    • It is this Radius Pivot SE/30 Display with upgraded VRAM (not on the pic).
    • Those drives are the most unreliable ones I have ever seen.    Out of 10... 9 are bad, moreover the unusual board and connector was only used in the Portable.    You can lift the cover to prevent the seal from going bad, but there’s a risk to contaminate the platter as well. 
    • I got the cheapo USB cable on FB marketplace, the one with 1 USB leading to a tear shaped black box with a white musical note printed on it and 2 midi cables (in and out). It must have a shoddy design because it didn't allow everything I wanted. It's the knockoff model you can see everywhere on eBay and Alibaba.    Works:  -simple dosbox playback with a hardware MT-32   Semi-works: -simple dosbox playback with a hardware SC-88ST, it occasionally glitches with quadrupled notes seconds into a playback and the reverb just piles on, creating an awful mess   Fails: -sending any data from a midi keyboard (my rock band 360 keytar) to a modern PC and DAW. Nothing gets through   The second interface (M-Audio Midisport 1x1) works everywhere so far where the other doesn't. It's supposed to be cheap but it was bought on Amazon for a beefy price, but I got it as a gift. 
    • Exactly which pivot card are you using?  If the IIsi version, mouse movement issues can happen if the jumpers on the card are not set correctly.