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Burnt Flyback Macintosh Plus options / opinions?

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Greetings, I'm new to all this but I just found a Macintosh Plus 1Mb in the dumpster at work. Took it home, blew the dust out, looked at the capacitors and none of them were bulging or busted.

That was fine, everything looked almost perfect aside from the usual yellowing etc.


So then I thought I'd see if it would power up. It only took a second but the screen never lit up (despite making that high pitched squealing that CRT's usually make); in that same instant the Flyback transformer ruptured (pictured) and let out a puff of smoke. I safely discharged the tube and put it away because I'm unsure how to proceed. :(


I've searched here on the forms before posting this to get other opinions, it looks like there's a few options for FBTs because the ones alluded to in the '90s repair book aren't easy to find anymore. Since this happened, do you think the tube is still good? Should I replace that as well or just the caps on the analog board / the AB itself? If parts are swappable with later macs that's fine, I don't plan on using the actual logic board if that's not compatible. I'd like to do the BeagleBone X11 display project on this one to then emulate retro systems.


Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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This is not much help but, a year or so ago I found aftermarket FB transformers on ebay.  I bought one for my color classic and one for a LC 575.  They had other ones for early Macs. The ebay sales lead me to a web site of a place that sold many models.  Might try googling around......

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The easiest thing to do is to find a Plus with a working flyback and transfer it over. If you want new, they CAN be found, but are a bit tricky to locate. I did have luck finding one for a different CRT from a small outfit in Ireland. There are some Apple ones on eBay, including some that fit the Lisa. I'm not sure what the other ones are part number-wise offhand, but it's worth a search. 


As for your tube, it should be OK. I had a flyback fail on a Mac Classic once and the tube was fine. I simply put another AB in there.

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