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    • The capacitor next to it is leaking badly
    • No, you weren't sounding dismissive.  There have been times others have made me feel like an object of ridicule because of my vast lack of knowledge, but for the most part, people on these forums have been very kind.  I can't say that you guys don't go way over my head often, but there are always folks who are patient enough with me to simplify it enough that I can usually figure it out.  And when we do that, I learn.
    • asking questions is almost never a bad idea, especially when you want to know about systems you're relying on .  I didn't mean to sound at all dismissive, so I hope I didn't — perhaps more I should have said "I would be surprised if 'acting a little odd' was a result of CPU damage, but I wouldn't absolutely rule it out'.
    • Okay, you are much more experienced than I, so I believe you.  I am going to be checking for software issues.  It had a SCSI2SD installed in it, but I didn't do the install.  I am wondering if something semi important was missed when the OS and PAC software were installed.  I just saw that gunky chip when I had to pull the power supply to get at the floppy drive, and figured asking questions was not a bad idea.