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Clean installing OS 9 on a Powerbook G4 Ti 867

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Anyone able to steer me in the right direction? Having difficulty with this.


I have tried a number of different 9.1/9.2/9.2.2 install media, including what I think is actual restore cd for this thing, albeit burned from image. All will boot, but the installer will not run - "This program cannot be run on your computer. See the documentation for more information." Of course there is nothing in the documentation.


It previously had Leopard installed. OS 9 boot media could not see the volumes on the drive so I used Drive Utility to upgrade (downgrade) the disk driver, and then initialise the disk. No dice.


The System folder from the install cd will not boot when copied to the hard drive either.


Is the only way to install OS 9 on this thing to install some classic capable/pre-Leopard OSX first, then install OS 9 from there? I hope not...



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If you do not want Mac OS X, the eMac 2003 disk is suitable for this. I've used it on a 1.0GHz TiBook and got results that were, in my experience, just about as good as the original install CD set. Using the original media, the only way to get OS 9 installed is to install OS X and then to run the OS 9 installation package.


If you want OS X - install OS X first, and when you do, go into partition the disk and make sure you check the box to install the Mac OS 9 drivers.

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