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8100 and 8500 PSU pinouts

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Don't know the details from the top of my head but the 8500 will have 3.3V for the PCI slots on an extra connector.

The main connector is the same between the 8100 and 8500 if I remember right.


The 8200, 8500 and 9500 used the same PSU.

The one in the 8100 is the same as in the Quadra 800/840AV.

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That what I thought about 3.3v too... I cannot find any diagram online for 8500 PSU pinouts.


Yep I had a bit of scare tonight that my 840av wouldn't fire up so I started to fault find and found the SCSI adapter (50 to 80pin adapter) was touching on the hard drive body causing it short hence it wouldn't fire up - it was a big scare!!!


So - still interested to see the pinouts for 8500 as I have spare one in the garage. I know that Q840/8100 PSU has 1 blank pin and I think that one is for 3.3v too.



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I'm pretty sure the 8500 and the 7500 have the same power connectors.   It's the same circuit board (logic board) populated slightly differently.   So if you can find a power supply diagram for the 7500, it applies also the 8500.  There's a good chance the 9500 uses the same scheme as well, but I'm less confident of that.


The 8600 changed the power connectors a little.    I think the 7600 did as well.

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