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BSR Phone-Modem

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Wow, I just found out this thread existed. Anyway, I'm looking for some more information about this modem, it seems this is a fairly scarce product so I'm kinda stuck. Any advice on where to look?





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It is probably 1200 baud and looks like a standard modem.  I did an FCC ID search and it doesn't have any details other then it was granted the license to Capetronic in 5/1988 so yeah probably 1200.


On the BBS front, I don't think there are that many BBSs that actually still support dial-up as most have moved to Telnet as the connection means.  Cheap Wifi modems for classic computers work great for this.


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I keep meaning to get my old BBS going again, but got rid of the landlines last year so wouldn't be able to have dial-up anymore anyway.  Kind of strange that landlines are so expensive these days when they used to be the least expensive option.  Of course, I'm not sure the system would allow a 1200 baud connection.  I don't remember if there was a minimum connection speed.  I used to be able to dial-in with my Newton but I'm pretty sure the Newton modem was 2400 baud.


But, anyway, if it was Hayes Compatible, then it should be workable with most systems--at least if you can find ones still running.  Hayes was, I think, the most popular brand back in the day.

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5 hours ago, dcr said:

Hayes was, I think, the most popular brand back in the day

Yep, pretty much everybody copied the Hayes Command set.


I decided to pop it open and its pretty interesting inside (to me at least)





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