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Radius PrecisionColor Pro 24AC & Quadra 840av

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This Nubus card is Radius PrecisionColor Pro 24AC 24bit from 1993.

I would've thought It'll suit Quadra 840av due its age/1993 era so decided to put it in & try it out. 
Downloaded the Radius software from Macintosh Garden (from Gambia Site has dead links)

I would've thought this video card would be accelerated/faster than factory's monitor port, while I was using the 840av it felt sluggish compared to standard monitor port!

So I decided to do benchmark testing - you will see one right down the bottom and highlighted is massive drop in performance. Yes I did test it in 256 colours.

Am I missing something?






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There are no Nubus cards that are faster than onboard video if it comes to raw pixel pushing capabilities.

The supposedly fast Nubus video cards are only fast at certain QuickDraw tasks and/or DSP related stuff if you have a card with DSPs.


For games and a snappy user interface you better stick to onboard video or PDS video cards.


I benched my Quadra 950 onboard video against a PDS video card and a Thunder IV and onboard and PDS video was more than twice as fast as the "fastest" Nubus video card.


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NuBus vs. onboard video isn't even a valid comparison. They're two different animals entirely.


LEM specs for your 840av:

video: 1 MB VRAM, expandable to 2 MB using four 256 KB 80ns VRAM SIMMs

  • 512 x 384, 640 x 400 @ 24-bit
  • 640 x 480, 800 x 600, 832 x 624: 16-bit @ 1 MB, 24-bit @ 2 MB
  • 1024 x 768, 1152 x 870: 8-bit @ 1 MB, 16-bit @ 2 MB


LEM specs for your Radius PrecisionColor Pro 24AC "

It provides standard Quickdraw acceleration and supports standard Mac resolutions from 640 x 480 to 1152 x 870 in 24-bit color


High end NuBus video card higher VRAM allotment pushes pixels and color depths out to heights unattainable by any 68K Mac, including the vaunted 840av and Quadra 950. IIRC it wasn't until the high end 8100 came out with the Apple 2/4 MB HPV PDS Card that the 24AC was overmatched by a Mac's "onboard" Video. But that not even a true comparison, the 1/2 MB HPV fell short of the 24AC's performance in the applications for it was designed, TPD resolutions in 24bit for the high end DTP/CAD and the like.


The comparison isn't even an Apples to Oranges deal, more like Apples to Grapefruit and in earlier Macs, Cherries to Grapefreuit.

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