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ProtoCache for the SE/30 - What's the status?

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I was following months ago the ProtoCache1.1 project for the Mac SE/30.
Searching now on all threads isn't clear what's the current status of that project.
Is it dead or still in development?

I'd really like to get one for my needy SE/30...

Thank you!


Luca Severini

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The project was completed.  I successfully decoded the PAL logic and created schematics, both are posted in the original ProtoCache thread.  @Bolle designed a pair of amazing boards and offered a few batches for sale.  I am unsure if he plans any future product.  If not, one could design a board using the schematics and something like KiCAD.  The board is somewhat elementary.   Given some free time, I still plan to design my own board, but I have very many projects I'd like to work on before then.

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Hello, I too was wondering what was happening with this project.  I posted in another thread that I'd  would possible like to continue with it if no one else would object.  @joethezombie-do you know where the schematics are for the current state of the project?

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