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Macintosh SE Accelerator PDS Add-on Cards

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Hi Everyone


I have two add-on cards for the Macintosh SE and/or SE/30 that I hope to get a bit of help identifying. I had confirmed they worked when I removed them from the original machines a long time ago but I did not record the information and I no longer have a machine to use at this moment.


From the searching I have done I found another thread on here actually and this one card was best guessed to be a Mobius 030 card but I thought would be best to include it here and could maybe have it identified for sure. The one card was missing a few chips in the picture on the other thread. The other card has the writing Color SE30 A13 Generation X and 1989 Memory Plus COGAM-4 REV B in the lower corner. 


Here are the pictures of the possibly Mobius 030 card







This is the Color Card









Thanks for any help everyone!!!

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The first is a Mobius 030 card. I have one which works well now.

I think that a missing oscillator on my card is only necessary to use a FPU at 20Mhz. See the jumper next to it.

Driver http://vintageapple.org/macdrivers/accel.shtml

Virtual software to take into account extra RAM on the card http://vintageapple.org/macdrivers/accel.shtml

With System 7.0.1 all is OK, with Mobius driver and with Compact Virtual loaded.


-> Mobius 030 (v4.99) + Mobius Display + Compact Virtual 3.0.2 in System Folder/Control Panels

-> Mobius 7.01 Fix + Mobius Sound + MobiusInit in System Folder/Extensions


It looks like you have the cable for the screen.
I do not have it, I tried to make one but without success. I have a signal, but no picture.
Do you have the screen?
Can you make a diagram of the cable?

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Hi guys


Thanks a lot for the replies, sorry for the delay, bit of family business.


Here are a couple pictures of the bus connectors on each, they are different sizes, hopefully this gives a bit more info







Here are some pictures of the connector for the Mobius connector gpbonneau let me know if you need more pictures or if you still need a diagram of the wiring.













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Definitely not VGA compatible output. Mobius was a monitor vendor, the monitors supported are listed on that great .jp site.




A couple of us were trying to get a similar Radius TPD card to work with a non-card specific display. I made minor progress hooking it up to the RGB BNC connectors on a multiscan TPD. Info there might give you a start. Dunno where the thread is. I didn't start it, but maybe I can find it if you can't.

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Have the same. I tried to plug a VGA LCD monitor (which works very well on all my Mac) I can move cursor and window on the second screen but I don't have picture.



I think you are right, it is not compatible, with the first option (Mobius One Page SE) on my LCD monitor, which detect a signal, I can see something on setup OSD (1152x870, sync H68.8 and V75.0), but the screen remain black. 



With the second option, I have "out of limit" on screen and noting on the OSD.


And according to Mobius manual :


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Hi guys


I do not have a monitor from that machine unfortunately. I bought the SE on eBay and didn't even know it had an add on card until it arrived and it took it all apart to clean the machine. It seems it was a type of wild west with these accelerator and add on cards back in day?


Does anyone have any ideas or info on that second card perchance?  


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Hey westcoasttech,your second card looks like a video card for an SE/30, judging by the size of the bus in the pictures.  Kinda reminds me of the Interware VD-R1 video card that I have that I can't quite get to work!  I also have a Raster Ops 264/SE30; I've never seen something like what you've got here.


If you're interested in selling it, let me know :-) 

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