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Boxed Japanese PB 2400c/180

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So due to monetary restraints, I unfortunately wasn't able to get *all* of the massive Part 2 lot that I posted about earlier. I did walk away with a number of neat things, including a NIB Newton 130 and boxed Newton OMP (more on those later)


The best thing I picked up though was this guy, and I didn't have to order from YAJ to get it :P Got it locally (urbana, IL) from the same collector purging their stuff.




I paid around $150 for it - not like I got *that* much of a steal, but I'm thrilled. The PB and box is in solid condition all around, just has some old packaging tape over the melted rubber parts near the frame, and unfortunately the original owner tore the tape off when opening it.






Floppy drive is missing the door unfortunately



Pretty complete paper wise





With the PB 2400c/240 that I got from the same seller earlier in the past summer.



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I think I'd still call that a pretty nice steal at $150 boxed and working. Heist of the Century would be MaxRAM & G3 on board for anything under a pair of Benjamins. Sweetness!

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That's a great buy, complete in box. Importing gets so expensive, so getting a 2400c/240 is like icing on the cake; I see them pop up, but they get snapped up so quickly, or for a cost-prohibitive price (beyond my allowable budget). Congrats on the set! 

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