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Asian Macintosh NuBus clones

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The only unique Asia-specific clones I have seen have come from Pioneer, and they are awesome:


The MPC-LX100 was the only official 68k clone ever sold anywhere (no, it's not a NuBus Power Mac but I don't really want to make another post for it unless there's high demand for a separate one). This was basically a 63x/58x board with a full 68040, two RAM slots, and a full compliment of A/V ports installed in an entirely custom case with an excellent integrated stereo w/sub sound system. The board was sourced from Apple and it's really nothing unique except that the processor was fitted with a copper slab to help dissipate heat. 


The MPC-GX1 was the first available PPC model. It was basically a 6100/66AV in that same custom case used by the MPC-LX100. Of course it's a bit different internally to accommodate the different logic board configuration but the basic case, sound system, and Pioneer-sourced CDROM remain.

The MPC_GX1 Limited is the same as the GX1 except that it has a factory overclock to 80MHz (it's still an original 66MHz chip) and a custom heatsink on the processor. I have no idea if Apple supplied the overclocked 6100 board or if Pioneer had it modified before assembly into the case.


The MPC-LX200 essentially had the same case as the MPC-LX100, but it offered an internal MO drive and TV tuner as options. It was a 62xx/52xx-based PPC board with a 100MHz 603e. Sadly it can't be easily upgraded to a faster logic board without major surgery but it's still a cool box.


If anyone wants pics of the LX100 or GX1 I can put some on here. I don't have an LX200 yet but rest assured I plan to acquire one when it becomes available.

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