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The Holy Grail of PCI Macs: Daystar Millennium Quad 604.

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@Compgeke Congratulations on your score! Certainly a holy grail machine, and in working condition!


On October 6, 2018 at 11:48 PM, Compgeke said:

256 MB RAM (+ 2x 8 or something that was causing issues)


Can you provide some detail as to a) what RAM you're using successfully in the machine, and b) what issues did you run into?


I have two GenesisMP machines (one with the quad-604 card) and both have the same issue: power on, chime, black screen/no boot. The only thing I haven't swapped is RAM, and I seem to recall reading that these machines were particular about memory.


Thanks in advance for any info you might be able to provide, and congrats again!

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