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    • Putting in a random address in the Netherlands returns an estimated shipping cost for up to a pound of $23.28 USD. Its $13 if I select "large envelope" but... especially with a bezel, an envelope would be impossible.
    • Ha! If this ever happens, I look forward to one-upping all of my friends with Amiga PPC accelerators with some casual web browsing   
    • No clue why machine A is not working, I haven't found any broken traces yet...   The machine B was much easier to recap and it is now in working condition. In addition of new capacitors it requires a sketchy jumper wire to bypass corroded trace. ADB, soft start, floppy, video and sound all work nicely. I haven't tested SCSI yet.   Unfortunately I ran out of SMD tantalum caps so Machine C has to wait a bit.  
    • Sorry bibilit, yes I meant the keyboard. I did a test last night with an old "Apple Design Keyboard", Vanish and boiling water. Let all plastic parts of the keyboard in it for three hours after the toothbrush treatment (another 2 hours, gosh, that's really work) and I know, had no sunlight. It all came out very clean and not eroded with the top of the keyboard remaining still a tat yellowish. I am completely satisfied, though, because I think it is not bad, if one can see a little bit of the 30 years, that have passed.
    • Managed to boot from a Tiger disc and open System Profiler, the Sonnet upgrade is a single 1.6 GHz CPU.