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iMac G3 Headphone Board Pinout/Removal?

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I can't find any pinouts of the iMac G3's Headphone board (next to the left speaker). I have no speaker output, and I assume that the board may be the problem, looking at older Apple Support Forum posts. Looking at this pinout (for the G5) I assume the pinout may be the same because of the connector shape:


(origin: tonymacx86 - found via google images)

As far as I know I either need to short Sense and GND or leave 10 floating.

My problem is, I don't know how to correctly remove the header from the Headphone board.

Any help? Just pulling on it or pushing in one direction and pulling out doesn't help (and makes me feel like i'm going to break the connector :shocked:), but that may just be because I don't have enough room to grip on it using a screwdriver OR my hands.

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I used the iMac Service Source, searching for information on this and I followed these instructions:


1 First, disconnect any external microphones, speakers or headphones.

Next, verify that volume setting in Control Panel is adequate and that mute is not checked.

Test the for sound coming from the internal speakers. Do you have sound now?

Yes: If the initial sound out problem was with the internal speakers, the problem is solved.

If you reconnect the external sound out device and it is not working, the problem may be with the external device itself or its cable. Replace the external microphone, speaker, or headphone in question with a known-good device. If the problem persists, replace the logic board.

No: Go to next step.

2 Reset parameter RAM. Hold down <Command> <Option> <P> <R>  during startup until “Welcome to Macintosh” appears.

3 Verify that both ends of the internal speaker cables are attached securely.

4 Reseat/replace the audio cable going from the A/V interconnect board to the main logic board. Make sure both ends of the cable are firmly seated into their connectors.

5 Reseat/replace the audio cable (922-3624 or 922-3836, Rev. 2) at the A/V interconnect board and the power/ headphone board (922-3568).

6 Plug known-good headphones or external speakers into the external jack. Do you get sound?

Yes: Go to next step.

No: Replace the logic board.

7 Replace the A/V interconnect board.

8 Replace the power/headphone board.

9 Replace the logic board.

1: ✓ (I don't use any)

2: ✓ (Isn't this supposed to restart the iMac though?)


4: ✓

5: ✓

6: Partial sound on left ear, only on first HEADPHONE jack on front, but not speakers or speaker jack (Yes?)

7: Can't


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