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    • Thanks very much!   I've stripped out most RAM modules, still no joy, I will now try swapping a few of them around.    Does the machine need a cache chip in order to boot? Can I use the CPU board from a 7500/100 (630-1219-A) ?  
    • Hm, that looks like 682 to me which would be 6.8k. There seem to be a bunch on digikey. You'd just need to narrow down to the right package size.   https://www.digikey.com/products/en/resistors/chip-resistor-surface-mount/52?FV=mu6.8+kOhms|2085%2C-8|52&quantity=1&ColumnSort=0&page=1&stock=1&k=6.8k+resistor&pageSize=25&pkeyword=6.8k+resistor   Perhaps this one would work? https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/te-connectivity-passive-product/CRG0805F6K8/A126384CT-ND/7603439
    • In case anyone is wondering, I wound up ordering a SCSI2SD v5.1 adapter, and using this adapter I don't observe the problem. I'm guessing it's a compatibility issue between the Classic II and the SCSI2SD v6 adapter. I'm going to reach out to the designer other SCS2SD and file a bug report, but it's not a big deal - I have plenty of other possible uses for this SCSI2SD v6 adapter.  
    • Also, I forgot to mention that there’s no audio output from the audio jack on the back.
    • Picked the aforementioned up today from a guy in Bloomington, IL. I have several Power Macs, and a few compacts, but other than a flaky/crumbling 660av, this is my only full-fat 040 in the house. I love my Mystic CC, but I don't feel like doing the 640x480 upgrade, so now I have a good 68k machine to play Civ and SimCity 2000 on again, and at that sweet sweet 832x624 at 75hz. Buttery smooth.   Some questions for you all: Storage: The hard drive is dead, so I'm booting it off a Zip disk with 7.5.5 right now. So slow. I ordered a scsi2sd 5.1 already. Any suggestions on a mounting solution for the internal bracket?    CD: I need to find a CD caddy. Anyone have an extra?   RAM: any reason I shouldn't max it out? Any certain kind of SIMM I need to look for? The googles tell me I need four 32MB 72pin SIMMs at 80ns or faster.   NuBus cards: none. I have onboard Ethernet, and I can't think of any cards I /need/, so I guess tell me what toys I should look for?