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Mac OS hibernation in PowerBook/iBook

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Hello crews,


I hope to find someone here who has a working PowerBook/iBook G3/G4 running Mac OS 9.x and who could help me with the hibernation feature in pre-OS X Mac OS.


Mac OS 9 does support system hibernation like OS X does ("Safe Sleep"). It seems to work on laptops only - I wasn't able to activate it in my iMac G3 indigo.

This feature can be supposedly enabled in the Energie saver control panel. There should be a check box "Preserve memory contents on sleep" in the "Advanced settings" tab.

Can someone running Mac OS 8-9 verify if the above mentioned option is present in the Energie saver CP? 


This task is a part of my personal project trying to modernize and run Mac OS 9 on the later PPC hardware.


Thank you in advance!



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