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6500/275 and an Apple II+

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Yesterday, I picked up an awesome 6500/275 for $20!


It came to me completely functional, with 4GB HD and 96MB RAM, a VGA adapter (no Apple/Mac monitor), a really cool all black Keyboard II (M0487) and matching ADB Mouse II, an aftermarket wave ergo keyboard and a white ADB Mouse II, and two complete-in-box TV capture cards with remotes, software and manuals. 


I initialized the HD and installed a clean 9.1, Classilla, AD 4 (patched for OS 9), and a few games. All running smoothly. Not sure what I will do with it yet, but for now, it's working and it's cool.


Also, a week ago, I was given an Apple II+ with 48k RAM and a 16k language card. It was in poor shape and did not boot. I ended up replacing the power supply, and pulling, cleaning and reseating every RAM and ROM chip on the mainboard. I also had to solder a new 104 cap onto the language card as one had a leg burned all the way off. Since the refurbishment, it has been working very well and appears to be steady now. Time will tell...

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Nice score on the 6500!  I know a lot of folks (myself included, to some extent) knock the 64/6500s because of them not playing nicely with certain PCI cards and having low upgrade ceilings but if you're not trying to max the machine out they make very competent performers and are generally pretty reliable.

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