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Are All Wallstreet PowerBook Hinges Interchangeable?

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I have two Wallstreets, a 13.3" part machine and a working 14.1".


On the 14.1", the hinges are very weak, but on the 13.3", the hinges are somewhat better.


My question is, are the hinges interchangeable between the two display assemblies? The plastics on the 14.1" (for the moment, at least) are intact.





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Not the all hinges assembly . Only the hinge part that fixes on the main body ( the one that most often breaks ) , this one :


These are 12.1" hinges. The upper part that fixes in the display assembly is again different for the 13.3" and 14.1". For example, here is a 14.1" hinge I think:


(Pict from TheBookYard obviously , i'll remove if any problem).


If it's only the lower part that is broken, it can be exchanged from another display size one , but have to disassemble it from the all hinge.

Here some infos:




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I see, thanks!


I better start looking into it to see which parts I need, and if any of the broken ones are the same as in the parts unit.



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