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sega dude

PowerMac G4 as hard drive for Machintosh Plus?

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My PowerMac G4 (Sawtooth) has two Adaptec SCSI cards in it. A AHA-2930CU MAC and a AVA-2906. The AVA-2906 card has a DB-25 connector on it. I was wondering, is there a way to make the PowerMac G4 act as a hard drive for my Macintosh Plus? Also, could I connect the two computers together via SCSI and do something with this connection?  I'm guessing the answer is no for both, but I know nothing about SCSI so I wanted to ask. 

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This was a thing that some 68k and PowerPC PowerBooks could do, however no desktop Macs could do Target Disk mode on SCSI.


There's some networking you can do between a Plus and newer Macs, a G4 would need an Ethernet to LocalTalk bridge for that. (You would still need to boot the Plus off of its own SCSI disk or a floppy diskette that had the networking drivers and client software.)

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