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How to remove RAM from SE30

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Hi, I searched but couldn't find this info so I'm asking here. The RAM chips on my logic board seem stuck. Is there something special about removing them (and the ROM)?

Hmm after review, I see I should have put this in the lounge. Sorry.


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@livedot https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Macintosh+IIsi+Ram+Replacement/2268



While this is for the IIsi, it's the same type of ram.  Skip to step 3.


There will be two clips on the sides of the RAM socket.  Hopefully you have the metal kind, they're much easier to work with.  You need to pull the two tabs outward with your index fingers while pushing on the chip gently with your thumbs.


If you have the plastic kind it's more difficult and, unfortunately, it often leads to breaking one or both of the plastic clips.  It's the same technique, it's just that old plastic isn't as pliable as it used to be.  You just have to be very careful.  You may need to "unclip" one side of the RAM SIMM, then do the other side.


I've done it so many times in my IIci that I can remove a chip one-handed by unclipping one side, then the other, and pushing gently with my thumb.

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