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    • I now have several good boards and several lcs. I managed to completely rebuild two flawless PB 100. Now I have some recapped logic boards and 4 lcd: 3 blacks and 1 good (but with a colums of dead pixels due to a crack in a corner). The 3 black lcds stay black with any logic and the good one is fine with any logic, so it must be something in the lcd circuitry. In my testing i am using the same inverter stuff, I swap only the lcd panel.
    • Awesome find!  Glad it made its way to a collector rather than a landfill.   The book "Revolution In The Valley" is all about the making of the original Macintosh, written by much of the team,  most of which has been posted to folklore.org,  so here's a relevent story about them switching from the Twiggy to the Sony drives   https://www.folklore.org/StoryView.py?project=Macintosh&story=Hide_Under_This_Desk.txt   Whole site and book is worth checking out
    • Good luck!   Any idea if those ROMs are on the Web somewhere?
    • The ROMs of the other 2 were dumped. I just emailed the person who dumped them: James Macphail of Sigma Seven Systems in Vancouver BC. Hopefully I’ll hear from him soon.
    • As someone mentioned, the ROM really needs to be preserved from this thing.  Do you know how to dump it?   Have ROMs from either of the other two Twiggy Macs been dumped?