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How can I tell A1025 Tibooks models apart?

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Hi all

Been thinking lately about buying a Tibook, the 1.0GHz one. Problem is, the slower 867MHz model has the same model number. I know later powerbooks had a sticker in the battery bay allowing you to properly identify the config when the battery was removed. I don't think the Ti has the same feature, does it? I ever had one so I can't know for sure.


According to everymac.com, the 867MHz one shipped with a 40GB HD, and the 1.0GHz with a 60GB hard drive. Thing is, the 60GB HD was available as a build to order option for every Powerbook model at that time. I don't think there's really a way to tell them apart... But I hope I'm wrong and that someone here will correct me.


I forgot to mention that the HD is missing in the one I'm eyeing.

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The label should show, vaguely, Proc/Ram/GPU/Disk/Optical/Wifi/Modem, in that or a similar order, of course varying based on the particular machine type. (Beige G3s also showed whether Wings or Whisper had been purchased, for example.)


The GPU is, if I remember correctly, directly tied to the CPU on that model, and everything else on those TiBooks is relatively easy to swap. The stock disk is miserably slow -- to the point that nothing I did on my 1GHz G4 felt any faster than doing it on a 450MHz G3 -- and so 100% you should absolutely replace it as one of your first actions anyway, if you're looking to get something that works any better than a late stock blue-and-white or pismo.

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My 1ghz Ti as the sticker in the battery bay showing "1Ghz G4 15.2/512/60GB/SD/56K/" , plus serial nmr , ethernet ID and Wifi ID.

Sadly my 867Mhz Ti is assembled from mix of pieces so the sticker is long gone...

But given that the Ethernet ID and SN number are tied to the main board as is the cpu , then the sticker gives the cpu speed (if it's the original sticker that goes with the main board of course :).

Other than that, externally there are no way of telling a 867Mhz from a 1Ghz Ti, unless your fire it up and go to "about this Mac".

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