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Shiva EtherGate Internet Manager

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I wonder if anybody can help me:

I have a Shiva EtherGate Router (Connects LocalTalk and Ethernet with
AppleTalk and EtherTalk) and I need to configure it for my museum’s
I remember there was a special software utility called „Internet
Manager“ to configure it. Although the name would imply it – it has in fact
nothing to do with the real Internet! One can create AppleTalk zones, define the port
use, and eventually tunnelling of IP traffic.

Anyway, I searched around a lot, but the only EtherGate related software I
can find are drivers, extensions and firmware for the EtherGate, but not the
configuration tool.
Maybe someone has a tip for me? Or has it possibly somewhere?

I appreciate any help, hints or tips!


Ret Marut

(a German Mac Veteran ;-))
Apple ][ europlus, Macintosh Plus, SE, Performa LC475, 6400, PowerBook 100,
150, 2400c, iMac bondi blue, iBook Clam shell, G4 Cube ...

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Finding any Shiva/Kinetics software is going to be tough as Intel wiped everything off the face of the internet after they bought the company out (Internet Archive didn't pick it up since all software was on their FTP site). The only thing out there is the Shiva "Net Manager" software that is used to configure the FastPath 5, but it doesn't seem to support the EtherGate.


Phil to the rescue(?), see if this is what you need: ftp://ftp.ultimate.com/FastPath/shiva-ftp/distrib/ethergate/

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On 6/12/2018 at 6:09 PM, Retmarut said:

Thanx NJRoadfan,


with "Net Manager" I see the EtherGate in the device list, but I can't do much with it :-(

I keep on looking...


Did you try the software at the FTP link?

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No, sorry, but it doesn‘t seem to work.

Additionally, now the EtherGate does not show up any more. All 3 LEDs are flashing green now; before the Ethernet Link was green and the two Serial Ports were flashing red and green. Seems it has lost its config completely.

But great thanks for your help! I‘ll keep you informed...



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a follow up:

The EtherGate died last week - the LEDs were only flashing very dimm. I checked the Vcc - it was only 4.7V. After replacing the uA7805 it is now back from grave (but still in the graveyard :-(!)


It shows up on Shiva's Net Manager 2.5, but I cannot configure it, FastPath Mgr II 5.0 does not show it, neither does the rest of the sw from the ftp link...


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