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    • I bought a CC2 logic board with a burst of batteries. Burst isn't that bad, it looks like it can be rid of corrosion and repaired with some pattern modifications and parts replacement. I just finished repairing it modify the pattern in a few hours.   SO, There is one problem. Among the Hi and Lo Rom chips, "341-0533 Lo" has been lost. I have both Hi and Lo CC1 rom chips, but they don't seem to be compatible.   1,The image below is the actual board. The rom of HI is stuck in the socket of LO, and the installation is wrong. Perhaps an unknowing person has done something.

      2, This is the correct CC2 ROMs   3, CC1 Roms   Any thoughts on bringing this board back to life?

      Or do you think I'm wrong and CC1 and CC2 ROMs are compatible?      
    • Glad you got it all worked out as it were!   @joshc know of any good youboobtube vids on using a vacuum desoldering station/gun? Mine's a knockoff, couldn't afford the real deal, but I'd bet they're made to a far higher standard in the same place anyway.
    • oh yeah, if you were in the US, I'd be knocking on your door with a briefcase full of cash for the Radius.
    • I've got an 81/110 and I paid $75 for it last year, working. They aren't too common but unlike a Daystar Genesis MP, they aren't super desirable either. Absolutely worth grabbing for ~$120 or under, imo. 
    • As would I, if I had any to give   I'm hoping to have some relatively soon, though!   c