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Upcoming items in my collection

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A good friend of mine is giving away some old apple merch that he was ready to get rid of.


I'll be getting:


a lampshade iMac G4

A book from 1990: "Inside AppleTalk second edition"

Two books from 1994: "Inside Macintosh: Networking" and "Inside Macintosh: Devices"
And a book from 1991: "Inside the Macintosh Communications Toolbox"

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I loved those books!  I remember going to B. Dalton and reading through the Inside Macintosh: [insert favorite here...], when they first came out, until I had saved up enough money to buy the ones I needed.  Very helpful at the time and I still have mine on the shelf.  I hardly ever look inside them these days (I mostly use the pdf versions, when I want to read them).


Congrats!  I'm envious of the lampshade Mac and I miss mine, even though it had started to do the occasional red-shift thing.

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