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ID Mac Plus 030 upgrade card

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So to continue to beat this horse...

I got the system working with Gemstart 3.0 and Compact Virtual.

I guess Gemstart likes System 7.0.1 better than System 6.

With Gemstart there's no ramdisk option like the Railgun init has.

Compact Virtual appears to be using the HD for VM, not the on-board ram. It creates a swapfile in the system folder.

I could not figure out a way to enable a ramdisk with the on-board ram and direct CV to use that which would be the ideal.

As I mentioned above using the Railgun init with CV resulted in mouse not working, probably because CV moves the I/O addresses.

(I did try disabling that function in CV but still no mouse.)

ANYway, I think I'll stay with the Gemstart/CV config for this system.

The CPU benchmarks with Gemstart were almost the same as with the Railgun but the FPU results were a lot better with Gemstart.

(And for some reason my camera is crap today!)




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Resurrecting slightly stale thread but I recently got one of these (25MHz Novy Quick30) and am starting to play with it - forgive a rookie question but mine came with just 4MB on the card and I’m trying to upgrade to 16MB, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to remove those SIMMs. Is a special tool required? (I’m having trouble attaching a photo but they look identical to yours from the original photo of your board @MOS8_030, definitely not a standard Mac motherboard attachment type SIMM.)

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Thanks Bolle, would very much appreciate it.  (trying to imagine the engineering decision to not use a standard, snap-in SIMM socket...)

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Thanks Bolle.  Based on some googling and your helpful photo I believe that is AMP SIMM Removal Tool part number 382264-1.  I found one on BTW-electronics.net for $6.  We'll see if it works!

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