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The NoCSS development thread

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On this thread you will find current progress and updates for my website "NoCSS". This is a site designed to function on 80s computers, and will have simple features such as chat, a web proxy, a google search system, and more. It will all function well on old computers due to stripping out modern day web scripts such as javascript, css, non HTML2.0 tags, etc.


Below, the progress of each feature will be updated:


Incomplete/concept stage

In development



  • Registration
  • Chat
  • Web Proxy (with HTTPS support)
  • Google Search Proxy
  • Internal mail/messaging system


If you'd like me to add other features, just let me know below and I'll see what I can do.


The current URL of the beta homepage (which I've only shared here) is: http://www.nocss.ml/index-new.php OR http://nocss.ml/index-new.php


Security warning: all forms, INCLUDING ones that contain passwords, are processed in GET mode. This means that usernames/passwords are visible in the URL itself. Do not use this as a secure service, it's more of a toy/proof of concept to mess around with on your old mac/computer. The reason behind this is to provide 100% compatibility with all browsers. This also means that your Altair 8800 could technically use the chat, messaging, and registration system and it would still be functional!

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The login and registration system is completed.

It will automatically check if your browser supports cookies, and choose how to login based on that. Pretty cool if you ask me.


I'll post pictures of the site running on my Mac Classic soon.

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The chat is complete and functional now. "Main" room should be used for introductions. "Vintage" is for vintage computer stuff. "Spam" is for everything else.


Edit: not sure why Lynx shows the meta refresh but doesn't use it

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Just entered into RetroChallenge with the intention of completing NoCSS!


I'll be documenting it on my blog (https://www.techedison.net/blog/) when it starts.

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Website complete. The updates can be found here:



the feature list:

  • Registration/login
  • Chat
    • Rooms capabilities. Only MAIN room for now, but you can request to have some added if you want.
    • Includes timestamps
  • Forum
    • Create posts
    • Per-forum new post permissions
    • Reply to posts
    • Open source
    • Reg/login separate from the main site (but if you use the same login, it automatically logs in when you visit)
  • Messaging
    • Send message
    • read sent messages
    • reply to messages (including the old message being appended to the reply)
  • Web proxy
    • Supports https
    • Removes all modern technologies to make it load correctly on new sites
    • All links are proxied
  • Google search
    • All links are proxied to the site’s web proxy

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