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PB3400 - Battery refuses to charge

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PowerBook 3400 - I've came to an issue, I thought I killed the battery, but it turns out that I didn't.
This PB3400 240mhz - won't charge the battery. It'll charge for few seconds then it stops.
I've just got another PB3400/200mhz that just arrived (it has battery cancer but working - well sorta) but it does charge the battery and I was excited that it did charge the battery!!!!!!! That is the main thing...
SO..... this battery issue PB3400/240mhz - logicboard is clean as - A1 nick no leaks, very clean, It did charge the battery in the past but 4 weeks ago it stopped charging, I thought it was my fault for running the battery to dead flat and killed it!!!
Before I start fault finding the issue & muck around, what would the problem be - would it be in the logic board or it would be the DC-DC Power board?

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