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SCSI HD with floppy power connector

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I recently acquired a IIcx without a hard drive. It did have the cables, however, and the power cable had the standard square logic board plug on one end but the drive connector is the mini-Molex floppy connector. My google-fu failed me in trying to locate a drive that may have used that power connector and I cannot recall ever having seen a drive with it (and I've seen hundreds of different SCSI hard drives). The closest I found was a weird Maxtor drive, but that was some kind of special 3-pin thing. It's possible that these were made in such small number that they don't turn up frequently, like Kyocera or Sony hard drives.


Has anybody here seen any mini-Molex SCSI hard drives? The only other option I can think of is that the power cable has been modified or custom-made for one of the SCSI-to-flash adapters, but it looks original: it's standard length, there are no splices or obvious trauma to the connectors to suggest being modified. Plus the condition of the computer (non-booting with obviously leaky caps, full of dust) suggests that it was likely not recently retrofitted.

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