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PowerBook 100 Accelerator Insanity

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)U^%$@# page break discontinuity! :p  Bunsen duck up some fab info on the last page:


FRAK30 Memory Expansion Board (DIP Age shield) for:





PAK-68/3-030: 68030 Accelerator for Amiga and Macintosh





photo credit: http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/pak3





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page break continuity

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The one I have on its way is the: MC68030FE33B QFP-132 ENHANCED 32-BIT MICROPROCESSOR

Haven't found a datasheet, just the generic (humongous) 68030 Manuals


Noticed that it has a 25MHz crystal and was hoping it was a 25MHz board given the 25MHz CPU. EvilCapatalist reports his board having the same 25 MHz oscillator, but running at only 16MHz? Looks like I'll be ordering a 50MHz Crystal can for my (tentative IIfx) 33MHz trials.


I'm thinking my precious proc will be safe, let me know if it's at risk?


The more I think about it, the more I think this project is directly applicable to a Luggable accelerator. I was shouted down in a previous thread where I had suggested such. I haven't got a backlit one, they seem to do some strange things and my spare board is from the original anyway. Have you got a luggable board for experimentation?

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Looks like this insanity will be branching off into Performer schematic development/33MHz SE/Plus accelerator project and Luggable development project topics. This one has been tangentially diluted and Performer schematic development is the first step anyway. Chunking it seems the way to goI need to figure out how do read and create "real" schematics in a PCB layout process. Blech! :mellow:

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Took a few better pictures of my Performer:






And here's how it shows up under Apple Personal Diagnostics.  Despite having a 25MHz oscillator it's running at ~17MHz.


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