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Recapped LC II

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I've had an LC II board setting around for quite some time with a few pads pulled on it. It was really nasty but I some how managed to get it to start up after a really ugly recap.




Had to bridge C21 across, turn C15 and C22 a little sideways.... I know the image is a bit blurry, but you get the idea. The pads probably wouldn't have came off if I didn't wiggle the caps off the board. Is there a better way of getting them off? I tried with my iron first, but they were just too corroded. Also, any recommendations for the tip and temperature I should be using on my Hakko 888D? 


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I know I sound rough - but I've always used pointy nose pliers and do exact push & 190° twist (must not offset twist as you'll pull the pads) to break the legs inside the caps - I have done that over 20 boards now and I have not broken a pad yet.



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