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68KMLA AppleTalk Network

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Good Evening all, I stumbled upon This Page that talked about being able to connect to the 68KMLA AppleTalk Network, I've installed the extension and whatnot but it seems as though the credentials location might have changed. According to the article these are assigned to users of the site and are located in the profile page, I see on the forums that the forum software was recently updated so I'm wondering if that functionality still exists or not....is anyone else able to connect?

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That is a very interesting website. On the related page, https://mac68k.info/wiki/display/mac68k/AFP+Server+Compatibility#AFPServerCompatibility-Configuring10.0-10.2forAFPServing , I saw something (to me) even more interesting:


Connecting OS9 to 10.6 and Later Servers

10.5 was the last release to support OS9 clients.  However, if you copy the /usr/sbin/AppleFileServer binary from a 10.5 system to a later system (all the way to 10.10), it will continue to work just like it did on 10.5, allowing OS9 clients to connect to later machines.

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