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Exploded Pram battery damage repair: recommended treatments?

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I just opened up a Classic II that came to me very recently, only to discover that the dreaded (Maxcell) exploding battery syndrome had occurred. This is my first casualty of a burst battery, as I habitually take the old batteries out of my machines, though I have noticed that a lot of the batteries I have extracted are beginning to pop. All at once.... Anyway, the resulting goop in this case has eaten away the battery holder and corroded the pins around a couple of the logic board components, including the 68030. Not sure what else has been done at this stage; I'll need to compare it with a good CII board.


I'd rather not chuck it out without further ado, as CII boards are generally sought after, and I can solder a battery holder on easily enough, so I have washed the stuff off as thoroughly as possible, and am wondering what to do next. The real trouble is that there has been a chemical reaction with (some of) the metal pins (the corrosion just mentioned). The goop doesn't seem to have eaten down into the board, though there is some residual discolouration.


Is there a recommended treatment/ something to soak it in to see if the corrosion around the chips can be eaten away? I was wondering about trying a soak in white vinegar, maybe. Or would it be best just to scrub the area with a toothbrush and a mild abrasive, like baking soda? What do you think?

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No, this was a different specimen. Got it with the 9150 that I still need to find time to play with.


Further soaking and scrubbing reveals that two or possibly three of the pins of the CII's 68030 have been eaten away, along with several pins on an adjacent chip, and some of the pins on the power molex. That was by no means clear before, since what I had was essentially lumps of corrosion. This means, alas, that for my purposes, the board is toast.


I happen to have a spare Classic II logic board (awaiting re-capping), so a complete machine will still survive, but I hate to see these things destroyed.

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